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Corporate travel, handled

Pay less, free up your people, and leave travel to the experts

"I estimate that we were paying about $250k more each year plus using two assistants to capacity for travel. Sam came in and cut costs across the board, and freed up my assistants who are now actually doing what they were hired for. Thank you."

Jason O'leary

Experience the difference

Platinum has been arranging corporate travel since 2010. We look forward to arranging everything for you.

If your company is booking travel by yourself...

  • You're paying far too much
  • Your key people are booking travel and bogged down by a job they weren't trained to do
  • Your miles, rewards, refunds, and vouchers are going nowhere for you, adding up to hundreds of thousands of dollars wasted over time
  • It's not organized and getting messier by the year

When Platinum is servicing you - you get...


Freedom from everything travel

All that coordinating, changing, canceling and rebooking - it's on us and we do it well.

Your team will be totally unconcerned with travel tasks, leaving them untethered and ready to do business.

We know travel, leave it to us.


Massive savings

Our relationships, bulk pricing, and strategy mean you NEVER pay online rates again, we devise strategies for enormous savings and you never overpay a dollar again.

You'll be completely shocked at how much money we save you in the first year alone.

Going forward, this will save your company hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.



Your piles of vouchers for changes or cancellations will be carefully kept track of so that not one is wasted, miles are working hard for you, and refunds are made to you when due.

We're like a bookkeeper and CFO for travel expenses, and we'll transform this messy area into clean, smooth, and systematic.

You get peace of mind and tens of thousands saved each year. Let us handle it.


Concierge service

No more chasing Jane or John ever again. We're available 24/7 to book any amount of travel for any amount of company staff.

Travel concierge for business while saving money - sign me up!

How it works

Company and executive assistants, secretaries, and other employees who were never trained for travel are booking travel, and it's a heavy load.

In addition, they're unable to track vouchers and refunds for changed and canceled travel. It's a mess and costing you heavily.

Let us take this off your hands and watch it be transformed into a clean and efficient system that saves you hundreds of thousands each year.

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