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Hotels & Villas

We're the presidential suite of travel concierges, and we'll take elegant care of you

"Before I found Platinum, I stayed at the Four Seasons. Not because I wanted to, but because I didn't know what was out there. Now, they set us up and a new gorgeous villa every year, and it's absolutely a gift to have them working on my behalf.They find it and take care of everything. Still wowed."

Jacob Strauss

Experience the difference

Platinum has been sourcing luxury hotels & villas since 2010. We look forward to arranging everything for you.

What you get when working with hotels and villas directly:

  • Limits you to their advertised rooms only, which is less than what's actually available
  • Means no complimentary luxury perks like early check-in, late check-out, spa passes, resort passes, and free upgrades
  • Means you don't even know about most villas out there
  • Means blackout dates which can wreck your vacation

When Platinum is servicing you - you get...


More options

Hotels hold many rooms and suites. We have access to far more that what's out there publicly, and we'll get that for you.

We have strategic relationships with many general managers of the best hotels around the world and in every major city and vacation destination. We don't put you as a number in the system.

You're royalty and we bring our relationships to the table for you on every way necessary to ensure a luxurious and beautiful stay.


More perks

Standard with a Platinum booking is early check-in, late check-out, and complimentary passes for many things on the property. Often, we'll secure magnificent upgrades for our clients which totally transform their vacations.

You're treated like royalty as a Platinum client.


Villas you didn't know about

How do we find the best of the best? By doing it again and again for high-end clients all over the world. We have a vast network of villas that will take your breath away and that you'd never believe existed.

We work one-on-one with you to identify and book that perfect dip into paradise. Let's go.


Destination help

Where in the world offers the best amenities, sights, and experiences for you? Just ask us and we'll work through everything with you - then book it all and manage it until you're back.

See our Vacation Planning page for that, as well as the Jets and Flights page for getting there!

How it works

We know the managers at hotels, and they respect our requests. Our goal is to treat you to a magnificent stay, and whatever it takes is what we'll bring you.

From perks to activities to finding that perfect spot, we got you covered. Reach out and let's take you places.

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