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Private Jets

From departure to destination, we've got you covered.

"It's hard for me to believe that I so grossly overpaid for our private jets in the past. Not to mention that they had very limited options. Now with Platinum, I get what I need, when I need it, someone else is handling it all, and the savings are out of this world. I still don't know how it's possible."

Yehuda Summers

Unlock unparalleled luxury & flexibility: Choose us over jet operators

Platinum has been sourcing luxury private flights since 2010. We look forward to arranging everything for you.

What you get when working with a jet operator:

  • Limit you to the 4 or 5 options they have available
  • Cost you 30%-40% more on average
  • Severely cut down your choice of jets
  • Eliminate the enormous savings on jets that are going anyway and one-way returns (see more of this life-changing strategy below)
  • Never provide you with gourmet 5-course meals on board paired with your favorite wine or scotch
  • Never meet you with a Maybach on the tarmac (or any vehicle)
  • Never have availability to book up to 90 minutes in advance

When Platinum is servicing you - you get...



We listen carefully to your needs - and then search dozens of operators and brokers we work closely with to find exactly what you need.

We have access to exclusive chats, groups, and marketplaces where businessmen and brokers post special deals and one-way jets returning to base.

We grab those for you to deliver the perfect option and save you 30%-40% on average.

You do nothing. We do the heavy lifting, you win. Let's get you in the air.



Joe booked a jet with an operator to Miami for $50K.

Kevin called us, we searched the marketplace for a jet returning empty, and found a G5 which we settled on for $31K.

When you're going to the source, you pay more for less. When you book with us, we search up to 20 sources to find jets that will save you enormous amounts of money.


Jet Options

Light jets, mid-size, super mid-size, heavy, long-range, and large executive airliners - there's not a jet that exists that we cannot source for you.

You say it, we deliver it. Gulfstream, Challenger, Hawker, Citation, Falcon, and more - we got you covered.


Luxurious Service

We'll arrange for your trip to the airport, serve your favorite multi-course meal on board, and arrange luxurious pickup directly from the tarmac. And those fresh flowers you see on social media? Check that too.

We're so integrated with our partners that you can even book up to 90 minutes - on the way to the airport - before your desired departure time.

Our official airline partners

How it works

We're not a jet operator, and we don't own any jets. We're a luxury travel concierge that has been taking superb care of high-net-worth and celebrity clients for years, and we've developed hugely beneficial relationships and strategies to get better jets at better prices.

Clients give us a call, we put the word out and can have your jet fueled and ready on the tarmac with fresh food and flowers up to 90 minutes before departure.

We'll arrange your transport to the airport and pickup from the tarmac. There's not one single aspect of your trip that you need to worry about. We're here from A to Z.

Jets are just one aspect of our fully comprehensive care of our clients' travel needs. Check out our Flights, Hotels, and Vacation Planning pages to learn more! And shoot us a message when you're ready to book!