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Business & First Class Flights

Luxury in the skies, from departure to destination and everything in between.

"I will never attempt to book business class flights online again. Now I know how much less I can get them for, that there's much more availability, and that someone will handle it all for me. Go Platinum or go home."

Israel Neumann
Los Angeles

Experience the difference

Platinum has been sourcing business & first class flights since 2010. We look forward to arranging everything for you.

What you get when working with airlines or booking sites:

  • You have far less access to open seats than we do
  • You need to book everything yourself
  • You're responsible to work through delays, cancellations, and rebooking
  • You're paying full MSRP
  • Security, waiting at gates, and walking through terminals is over. We'll take all of that away and replace it with golf carts, tarmac pickups, speed, and luggage delivered

When Platinum is servicing you - you get...


Better options

We have access to flights and seats that are considered unavailable to the public. That's because they are. We already have pre-bought seats with negotiated rates from the airlines.

That means that you have far more access to the trip dates and seats you need when you book with us.



Booking flights, connections, transfers, and more can be exhausting, ESPECIALLY when you're booking multiple legs.

We come in and completely wipe that off your plate by handling everything and delivering options to you to book.

Save yourself that headache. You're too important to be booking your own travel.


Complete support

Flight delayed, canceled, or missed? We got you covered along with refunds and vouchers.

We'll get alerts and ensure you get to your destination on time no matter what happens.


Luxurious Service

We'll arrange for you to skip security, transport you through the terminal on a golf cart, check and deliver your luggage, set you in the lounge, and meet you on the tarmac. we'll arrange every transfer, car, and driver for you to enjoy your trip and know you're being taken care of.

We'll handle your hotels and activities, too. See the Hotels page and Vacation Planning page for more on that!

Our official airline partners

How it works

We have arrangements with airlines which allow us - and you - exclusive access to availability. So if you see, for example, that there's no option online for Tuesday, Business class to Dubai for 2 - we'll see options and deliver those options.

If you see options for $6K per ticket, we'll often see it at $4K and grab that for you. Things can get very complex - when you have multiple legs plus transfers and hotels in each city, plus restaurants and meals delivered.

We do it all for you - so you can sit back and breathe like a royalty. We have you covered. See the Hotel page and Vacation Planning page for more!